No View Apt

Rome 2018

When hotels or house rentals sell theirs rooms it’s very important to specify if there is a view or not, this can significally increase the selling price.
Working as interior photographer I visited many rooms or houses in the city center of Rome, where it was clear that no view was available. The intention of this work is to show that when a window is facing a wall or a closed place there could be something to see especially in a city like Rome. What you can find at the bottom of a building can be a real surprise. 
These empty areas have the specific function to bring light to rooms or spaces located inside the building. Some of these areas can be used by the tenants of the building, while some others are just closed places without any passage to access, maybe created for the construction of building one close to the other.This areas are very fascinating to me. These places are used in different ways, usually for air conditioning systems, garbage collection or many other kind of people activities. 
All images are made with in iPhone.

Italy Landscapes

Italy 2015 - 2017

This is a collection of images taken with an iPhone 5s during my travels across the country.
Image captions below:

1 Capri
2 Amalfi
3 Taormina
4 Sorrento
5 Roma
6 Atrani
7 La Spezia
8 Napoli
9 Ischia
10 La Spezia
11 Is. Del Giglio
12 Amalfi
13 Amalfi
14 Capri
15 Ravello
16 Positano
17 Maiori
18 Napoli
19 Napoli
20 Roma

Domestic Flights

Rome 2015

We generally call them insects, Wikipedia defines them the largest of the groups of animals leaving on Earth, numbering more than one million species, equal to five sixths of the entire animal kingdom. Are believed to be among the oldest settlers of the Earth, due to fossils from the Devonian era. The heterogeneity in the morphology, in anatomy, biology have granted to the insects, for more than 300 million years, a prominent role in the colonization of the Earth, in any environment where there is organic matter, with demonstrations of a remarkable ability of competition. Insects, therefore, constitute bodies, which have a close relationship with the man and his activities, in a positive or negative way, and they influence, more or less directly, the economy, nutrition, habits and health.
This work has no scientific purpose. These images are the result of my curiosity in observing these tiny living things that I have had the pleasure to meet in my own four walls, or in those of friends. When we speak about microworld always seems to be something distant, belonging only to tropical countries, without thinking that there are millions of micro-worlds very close to us, just in different sized units from ours.
I live in the city, I made these sort of portraits using the light of a window, an iPhone 5s and a macro lens Olloclip.
A Special thanks to Dr. Chiara Settanni, without her help would have been impossible to recognize the various families.

Woman’s Day

Rome 2014

On the 8th of march to celebrate the international woman's day, in collaboration with Patchlab studio, we made a series of portraits of women across Trastevere area, in Rome. All the portraits have being done with a very small set made of a coloured panel and an iPhone, simply asking to women if they like to be portraied in the streets.

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