Tourists Lifestyle

"A tourist is someone who travels in countries other than the habitual residence and outside of their own everyday surroundings, for a period of at least one night but not more than one year and whose usual purpose is other than any remunerated activity of the country visited. This term includes those who travel for: leisure, rest and vacation, visiting friends and relatives, for business reasons and professional, for health reasons, religious / pilgrimage and more." (World Tourism Organization).
Rome, for its attractions every year is full of tourists from all over the world, each with their own customs and traditions, all gathered in one city. This meeting generates a number of situations and behaviors that are common among all travelers, and this is what I went looking for in my photography project.
The first thought of a tourist is the documentation of his trip. The picture of themselves in front of the characteristic monument or local tourist attraction is the proof of having been there, something to show to friends and family, sometimes even more important than the simple act of looking.
Never fails the wonder of visiting a city full of history, universal emotion, but sometimes we wonder too simply, just for the fact of being abroad.
The tour guides not to risk of losing someone offer a colorful way to be followed.
Beyond that, are endless the situations and possibilities that can be generated when so many, life experiences, habits and cultures coexist simultaneously in the same city for a short period of time.
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