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I have been a professional photographer since 2010. My professional experience started after completing university studies in environmental engineer. My work concerns reportage, portraits, editorials and commercials. I have been working with Save The Children Italia and A.I.S.M. since 2018. I have being photographing also for platforms regarding travel and lifestyle photography such as Booking and Tripadvisor. My photos have been published in The New York Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, Internazionale Magazine, SNC Magazine, Monocle and in several italian and french magazines. Since 2020 I have been working with the international photojournalistic agency Parallelozero and from April 2023 with Imagoeconomica.


2021 Winner - 2nd Prize, single image - Fondazione Laviosa - 4th Contest “Fotografia e Mondo Del Lavoro”
2019 Nominee - 12th International Color Awards - Professional Category: Nature
2018 Nominee - 11th International Color Awards - Professional Category: Photojournalism
2014 Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) Q4 photography contest - Category: Mobile Devices - 5th place
2014 Honorable Mentions - IPPA 2014 - Iphone Photography Awards - Categories: Nature, Others, People
2014 Nominee - 7th International Color Awards - Professional Category: People
2013 Nominee - 8th Annual Black & White Spider Awards - Professional Category: Portrait
2013 Honorable Mention - IPA 2013 - International Photography Awards - Professional Category: People Lifestyle
2013 Honorable Mentions - IPPA 2013 - Iphone Photography Awards - Categories: Animals, Others
2012 Honorable Mention - IPA 2012 - One Shot: Spaces Professional - Category: The Space Between
2012 Honorable Mention - IPA 2012 - International Photography Awards - Professional Category: Fine Art Landscape
2012 Commended in Sony World Photography Award, Open Category: Low Light


CORRIERE DELLA SERA: “I poveri mangiano meglio dei ricchi” - August 2023;
PRIER MAGAZINE: “La Miséricorde est la vraie voie pour évangéliser” - June 2023;
PANORAMA MAGAZINE: “Le Marché des secondes chances” - March 2023;
DIE ZEIT: “Addio, Papa Ratzinger!” - January 2023;
VANITY FAIR: “Una Notte per l’Impossibile, gli ospiti della serata di solidarietà di Save the Children” - May 2022;
ARTRIBUNE:“Il Visual Essay di Giuliana Benassi” - May 2022;
VANITY FAIR: ”Elisa sings for Save The Children not to forget the children of the war in Syria - March 2021;
FAMIGLIA CRISTIANA: ”Armi, Facciamo Orecchie Da Mercante” - July 2020;
INTERNAZIONALE: "Internazionale a Ferrara 2019" - October 2019;
MONOCLE: “The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Markets” - April 2019 - Gestalten;
INTERNAZIONALE: "Internazionale a Ferrara 2018" - October 2018;
INTERNAZIONALE.IT: "La musica dei nuovi italiani dell’orchestra di Torpignattara" - October 2017;
INTERNAZIONALE: "Internazionale a Ferrara 2017" - October 2017;
SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MAGAZINE: "Wir müssen draußen bleiben" - August 2016;
SNC MAGAZINE: "Interview about Eugenia Volodina" - March 2016;
BOOK COVER:"Italia Revolution. Rinascere con la cultura" by Christian Caliandro - BOMPIANI;
INTERNAZIONALE.IT: "Il futuro del teatro Valle è in bilico" - July 2014;
FOTOGRAFIAMAGAZINE.COM: "Difficile la vita da turista!" - September 2013;
PAESESERA.IT: "Teatro Valle Occupato" - July 2011; 
NYTIMES.COM: "Outrage Over a Storied Roman Theater's Future" - June 2011;


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Il mondo In Una Classe - Save The Children Campaign (September 2023)

Corriere Della Sera (August 2023)

La Miséricorde est la vraie voie pour évangéliser - for Prier (June 2023)

Les Marché Des Secondes Chances - for Panorama Magazine (March 2023)

Charity Dinner for Save The Children (May 2022)

Portrait of the Italian independent curator and art historian Giuliana Benassi for Artribune, March (May 2022)

Elisa sings for Save The Children in a deserted Coliseum not to forget the children of the war in Syria - Vanity Fair (March 2021)

Famiglia Cristiana (July 2020)

Internazionale a Ferrara 2019, in collaboration with Francesco Alesi and Francesca Leonardi (Oct 2019)

Snapshot Portrait of Giorgio Caponera for IBM Systems Magazine - August 2019

Press release on the flash mob organized by Save The Children for the Stop of Italian weapons in Yemen (July 2019)

Photos of Battistoni Shop in Rome for The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Markets (Feb 2019)

Featured on Cherrydeck Editors’ Choice December 2018: Street Photography (Dec 2018)

Internazionale a Ferrara 2018, in collaboration with Francesco Alesi and Francesca Leonardi (Oct 2018)

La Musica Dei Nuovi Italiani Dell’Orchestra di Torpignattara -
(Oct 2017)

Angela Davis (Internazionale a Ferrara 2017) - (Oct 2017)

Internazionale a Ferrara 2017, in collaboration with Francesco Alesi, Francesca Leonardi and Lavinia Parlamenti. (Oct 2017)

Wir Müssen Draußen Bleiben - Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine (Sep 2016)

Top Model, Eugenia Volodina, interview - SNC Magazine (Mar 2016)

What is On The Commuter’s Mind? - Edge Of Humanity Magazine (Aug 2017)

National Geographic (Dec 2016)

Book Cover - Italia Revolution by Christian Caliandro (Oct 2014)

Arch. Renzo Costa - Ville & Casali (Dec 2012)

Outrage Over a Storied Roman Theater’s Future - The New York Times (Jun 2011)
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