Portrait of Pierre Adrian

Client: La Vie, Les Essentiels by Parallellozero Photo Agency
Project: Portrait of french writer Pierre Adrian, in his home residence in Rome 
Date: November 2023

Portrait of Andrea Tornielli

Client: Prier Magazine by Parallellozero Photo Agency
Project: Portrait of Andrea Tornielli, italian journalist and writer, since December 2018, editorial director of the Dicastery for Communication of the Holy See
Date: May 2023

Le Marché des secondes chances

Client: Panorama Magazine
Project: Editorial assignment regarding a ordinary working day inside the Mercato di Sant’Egidio in Roma
Date: March 2023

Portrait of Giuliana Benassi

Client: Artribune Magazine
Project: Portrait of independent curator and Italian art historian Giuliana Benassi, set in the neighborhood streets of Rome 
Date: February 2022

Portrait of Giorgio Caponera

Client: IBM System Magazine
Project: Photo Shooting with computer scientist Giorgio Caponera in his home in Ferentino
Date: June 2019
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