No View Apt

Rome 2018

When hotels or house rentals sell theirs rooms it’s very important to specify if there is a view or not, this can significally increase the selling price.
Working as interior photographer I visited many rooms or houses in the city center of Rome, where it was clear that no view was available. The intention of this work is to show that when a window is facing a wall or a closed place there could be something to see especially in a city like Rome. What you can find at the bottom of a building can be a real surprise. 
These empty areas have the specific function to bring light to rooms or spaces located inside the building. Some of these areas can be used by the tenants of the building, while some others are just closed places without any passage to access, maybe created for the construction of building one close to the other.This areas are very fascinating to me. These places are used in different ways, usually for air conditioning systems, garbage collection or many other kind of people activities. 
All images are made with in iPhone.
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