Adult Game

"A Roleplay consists of interpreting a character with his own behaviour and special qualities, even away from our inclinations or tastes, in order to interact with characters interpreted by others, to create a complex net of relationships in a fictional world , a common narrative of adventures, stories and anecdotes lived on the skin of his alter ego."
( R.Zerbo - President GRVItalia).
Driven by curiosity and the desire to see what really could happen, I asked the association GRVItalia (The biggest Live Action Role Play Game association in Italy), amateur and non-profit sports association, if I could access and photograph one of the biggest events held during the year, the "Council of Spring".
In the Elavia world many different types of characters can be interpreted , each belonging to a specific race. The possibilities are many. Dalmariani, Elves, Dwarves, Thul'fen, Humans, Orcs, Lubian, each with their own distinctive features, their skills and objectives, its own character, likes, friends and enemies, ready to live every day with all the realism possible, exciting adventures, epochal battles, space-travel, and all that is offered by the imagination and creativity.
The staff of the GRVItalia association includes storytellers, writers, referees, and also players themselves who act roles of the antagonists. All of them are able to get you away from reality, by using settings, characters, currency, language, and so on that allow people to fully enter into their role and experience the new world.
Living in the shoes of a character who does imaginary things is a desire of many, but not all of us can really believe in this, maybe affected by daily life or too skeptical to have an escape.
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